How to clean your silver jewelry!


Tarnishing is a natural characteristic of silver. Same as when we found rust on iron. Therefore, cleaning is important part in pertaining a piece of jewelry that often people forget about. think if you own the most expensive car. If you never clean it, it will not last longer, does not matter how well it made.

Nowadays, some people put Rhodium plating on their jewelry to prevent tarnishing. We never do that because it will change the look of the jewelry, loosing its nature. Although modern cleaning kits are available in the market, we still practice out traditional way of cleaning our jewelry. we use rerek seeds or tamarinds, warm water and used tooth brush to clean jewelry, Rerek seeds used by our ancestors to wash silver jewelry because the seeds produce foamy substance that is safe for silver materials as well as any delicate products such as traditional Batik fabrics.